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This page allows you to upgrade a standard FS20 or FS22D2 Andair Fuel Selector to an Extension Valve.

Your standard direct valve must be of the new Type 'B' with internal detents. To check whether your Andair valve has the new style detents click here.

The parts that are supplied are an Extension Cap, piece of extruded tube (this can then be cut down to length as required), Upper Drive Spindle, Handle Plate Assembly, Large Lever and Fascia Plate. The Handle Plate Assembly coupled with the Large Lever allow for detents to exist on the upper section and provide the safety feature where the red button on the lever has to be raised to switch OFF the fuel. Please select the model of the valve that you have, then any other options that are required.

If you are upgrading a FS22D2 Duplex Fuel Selector then use FS20-2 as your valve model.

As standard the Extension kit is supplied with a 6" piece of tube.

Valve Model for Extension

Select the desired extension length


Universal Joint


Countersunk Mounting Holes

Black Anodised Finish

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This consists of two parts each with a female socket to accept the extruded extension tube. It allows one to orientate the upper section differently with respect to the lower section. Nuts and bolts are supplied to clamp each section together in the desired position.

Universal Joint


Universal Joint or Universal Coupling. These couplings allow for up to 15 degrees of angular mis-alignment between the upper and lower sections.

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