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GAS375 Gascolator

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The Andair Gascolator GAS375 has many great features.

1. Choice of fittings on both the inlet and the outlet plus a choice of fuel flow direction.

2. All aluminium construction.

3. The filter bowl is sealed using an 'O' ring.

4. All Andair Gascolators can be sited either on the suction side or the pressure side of the fuel pump, our test Gascolator GAS375 was pressure tested to over 1000 psi before rupture.

5. The screen material is constructed from 70 micron Stainless Steel woven mesh coated in PTFE. This reduces the transfer of water and gives good filter preformance. The pleated nature of the screen gives a very large screen area reducing the pressure drop across it.

6. The screen construction is robust and can be easily be detached from the main body and cleaned with an air line or washing in clean fuel.

7. One point that may be of interest, Andair Gascolators are now being used on certificated aircraft.

8. Easy to mount, either on the back of the gascolator or on the top using 1/4 UNF tapped holes. To make it even easier Andair can supply a mounting bracket.

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