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Oil / Air Separator OS850

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The NEW Oil / Air Separator

Andair continues to lead the aircraft products market with the introduction of the OS850 oil/air separator. Manufactured from aircraft grade materials and anodised for corrosion protection, this unit is extremely light weight and rugged. The OS850 has been designed to remove the oil from the crankcase breather on Lycoming and Continental engines. This gives reduced oil consumption, cleaner aircraft and environment.

The OS850 has some unique features that make it the best on the market.

  • Upper outlet can rotate through 3600 allowing easy installation.
  • The unit can be dismantled for inspection/cleaning.
  • Vortex swirl separation.
  • O-ring seals.
  • Light weight (180g - 6.4oz)
  • 4 off 10-32 mounting lugs on the base of the separator for easy mounting.

The NEW Condensation Trap. CT850

This new device is a small and very light weight condensation trap. It is used to extract the water from the oil when used in conjunction with the Andair Oil / Air Separator. Water can build up in the engine due to water in the air condensing during a cold night. Overnight this water sinks to the bottom of the sump settling at the lowest point. This is generally where the oil pump pick up is. Therefore there is a real potential that if one of these devices is not used water can build up in the engine. Flight test have shown that the worst possible condition for water in the oil is on humid days, cold nights and where short flights are undertaken.

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  No. of Oil Separators required (£199.00 ea.)
  No. of Condensers required (£66.99 ea.)
  O-Ring kit for Oil Separator (£2.99 ea.)
  O-Ring for Condensation Trap (£2.99 ea.)

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